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Thread: hGH and DHEA

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    Question hGH and DHEA

    I am a Thai boxer that is currently training for a fight in Oct of 2003. I have a good headstart so I wanted to incorperate some supplements into my strength training routine. I have heard all kinds of claims for hGH and DHEA. My question is simply this...
    Out of all the products that claim to boost hGH or DHEA, which ones work? Which ones work the best? and what should I stay away from?

    Before any of you tell me to do my homework and read up on hGH and DHEA, I have. The articles point out good information about the hormones themselves but nothing on the products claiming to contain or boost hormone levels. I appreciate any feedback on this subject. thank you.
    - J. P. Shepard
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    When it comes to HGH no supp really works for boasting your Hgh. They are about as good as mexican wild yams. Don't waste your money on them. Only the real Hgh is worth while but comes with a list of side effects and high coast which since you said youve done your home work you should already know about so i wont say ant more. If supps your looking Creatine may help you or e/c/a/ if your looking to lose some lbs for the fight. To a higher degree P.H can be handy but this comes with a caution and may not help meet the goals your looking for.
    If use the search icon (top right of the screen) if you want to know why hgh supps are crap or more about any thing......

    Good louck with the fight.
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    Since Case covered the HGH in which I agree 110% on there is no growth hormone supplement out there that is legal and works. DHEA does work to increase Testosterone, but it was mainly effective in the over 50 class of men beacuase their natural test lvls were so low. It has almost no effect on a younger male. Try the newer 1-test products and creatine.
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    Try macuna puriens. It is an herb that converts to L-dopa which raises HGH production. I tried it but was unable to tolerate the interaction it had with Wellbutrin and Concerta, which I am prescribed for AD/HD.

    Anyway, you need to take 300-600mg perday. During the week I took it my strength went up, but my joints could barely handle it. There is a catch--macuna is only absorbed under certain conditions--its method of delivery needs to be precise. Fountain of Youth makes capsules that are specially coated to keep stomach acid from prematurely degrading the herb.

    My Dr. told me that growth hormone levels will always return to their normal levels--in other words, anything will only work for so long...
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    If you fight semi-pro or profesionally, you had better do your homework to make sure what possible drug tests you could be given. PH's raise your test levels.
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