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    Amino acids before bed?

    Hi, I can't find much information on this so I was hoping someone here could shed some light on the topic. I know your body releases growth hormone and does most of its healing during sleep. However, I was curious if taking amino acids or other supplements (suggestions?) just before bed does anything to help or hinder the process? Does your body use amino acids in the sleep stages?

    I'm leaving this question pretty open ended because I really want to hear anything everyone has to say on the topic.

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    iv never tried taking my aminos beforebed, i take them after every high protein meal, which is pretty much every meal. might try and take them with a shake b4 bed if anyone can suggest a reason why you would...
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    Same reason you would take protien before, to help build muscle....I personally can feel my body repairing itself after only 30mins of rest I believe that if you can start repairing that fast, you might want to take an amino so youre body can use this quickly for repair and the protien can be used later in the sleep when needed.
    now as for amino's releasing GH and helping people to sleep, and so on... It depends on the type of amino's you are taking and how much. There is plenty of research on the net telling you which ones do this and which do not, but I believe the GH spike that occurs isnt long enough or strong enough to do anything that would help in muscle growth
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