Ok, so I know the title is quirky, but I have a real question.

Women with large breast (not of the silicone or saline variety) tend to carry their weight in the upper body. (stomach, chest, back, arms)

I see it all the time. I am an "athletic" built woman, but still I suffer from (and enjoy the perks of) larger breast, and therefore have a VERY difficult time cutting upper body. I know that you can not spot lose, but technically I am. I am toning up so much in my lower half. My waistline is shrinking, slowly, but shrinking. But my back and arms are ridiculous. They are strong... really strong, but disproportionately large (read fatty) and untoned in comparison to my legs.

I do lots of running, ( I run marathons and 10Ks ALL the time) and I lift a lot. But I am thinking about trying the high rep low weight thing on my arms just to try something different.... any suggestions??