WRINSIDERS Surveys ( GC, CD's and Video games) Ages 18 and Under

When you sign up, enter this code to get an extra 100 points to start off:

It's really fast and easy. I just ordered a $15 GC to amazon in a little over 10 minutes.

Starting a survey
From the moment you sign on, you'll be able to see available surveys. They are posted three at a time, and you may not continue to other surveys until all three are completed. Click on a survey to begin; some surveys may consist of multiple pages, so take your time and be sure to fill out every question on each page.

Earning points
When you have completed the survey, you'll see a "Thank You" page, and your survey point gauge (seen on the right of the screen in the sidebar) will add the current survey's worth to your total point.

Bronze, Silver & Gold
On the Spend Points page, you'll notice three things: the shopping cart list to your right, the "tier tabs" at the top, and the prize listing at the center. The three tiers represent levels of point earnings. You'll have to reach a certain point in your quota if you want to upgrade from Bronze to Silver and Gold.

Adding to your cart
As you browse the catalog, you'll find links next to each item. Click on them, and they'll be transferred to your Shopping Cart list to the left. If you make a mistake, you can highlight an item in your cart and click the button below to remove the item.

Note: If you don't have enough points to purchase an item, or already have the item in your cart, the buy link will be shown in red and you won't be able to click on it.

Confirming Purchases
If you're done adding items to your cart, click the button underneath your shopping cart to check out. You'll be taken to a confirmation screen which will inform you to have your parents check their incoming e-mail to confirm the checkout. After a parent confirms the checkout, points will be taken out of your total-- and your Insider prizes will be on the way!