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    Schiek Wrist supports and lifting straps?

    Schiek brand sells an item that its just a wrist support, but also a lifting strap that looks a lot like the wrist support, ill try to find links and post them later. whats the difference exactly? i wanted to buy a pair, especially after spraining my wrist. is there anyway to get straps that are maybe attachable? so i can wear the wrist support on some days, but then add on the straps for back/trap day? thanks in advance.

    edit: found em
    they lookthe same to me.
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    The "wrist strap" looks like just a wrist lifting strap. The picture shows a strap attached to it. A "wrist strap" is also called a "lifting strap". They are used to assist grip strength, such as deadlifting 300 lbs. or so and you need to be able to hold onto the barbell for more than a few reps.

    I can't imagine a product that actually relieves strain on the wrist, while weight lifting. Anytime you use your hand you are going to be aggravating a sprain wrist, I would think. Not much could be done about that other than to allow time for it to heal fully.

    I bought the Schiek wrist straps with dowels, they just arrived today. Work great. I was a bit confused by where the dowel was and what its function was, since the product's picture wasn't showing it. It's just a small plastic dowel inserted into the strap at the end of it. I wouldn't say its necessary, though. I just didn't want to have to rely on how well I wrap it. This way I can wrap it quickly a couple times and I'm done, because with my hand firmly on the dowel I know the strap isn't going to slip.
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