OK, first off, don't scream at me about not searching. I have searched, I have read the SD writeup. Perhaps I am stupid in searching, but I could not find specifically what I am after...

I did read in a thread, that I cannot locate now since some of these things are 7 pages long or more, that some guys have had success with a 2 week SD cycle. Most gains seem to come in the first two weeks.

My questions: Have any of you done this? Did you then lay off for two weeks and do another cycle two weeks later? Does this require heavy PCT (Novla, etc) as a four week cycle might, or is Rebound XT enough? Does it make sense to stack 4-AD with SD for two weeks or is that a waste of good 4-AD? (Isn't this where I say, "My cousin has some 4-AD that he might let me have...").

As info, I am 42 years old, 5'9", 190 lbs and 11% bodyfat. I have run two cycles of 1-AD/4-AD in the past with good results.