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    After 4 year partying escapade I'm back, and need your help

    Wassup fam! Haven't been here since 2011.

    I'll start with a little background. Around 6 years ago i was extremely into powerlifting along with playing hs football, but once hitting college a lot has changed. Going into college i was 18, 5'9, 220 with a maxes of 295/445/500. Because i wasn't playing sports anymore i had a lot more time on my hands, and a lot of meal plan.

    I ended up getting in a drug and alcohol infused downward spiral that ended up in me getting pretty close to losing grips with my school, family, and life. Since December I've been dating an amazing woman(who I credit for essentially saving my life) and after knocking out one thing at a time- alcohol binges, cigarettes, caring about education, and getting jobs- the one last thing we wish to do now that our minds and souls are on aligned is get our bodies into the shape we wish to see them in.

    I've been doing a fair amount of research lately, but since its been some time i vaguely remember classics i did (5/3/1, smolov, etc)

    What has changed and what should I begin with? My diet has changed incredibly since the HS days and I'm confident I have the right idea, but if anyone knows of any threads/plans that work well for couples living together in a busy lifestyle with some room for customization that would be great. The more planed out the better though, as i can tweak as i adapt.

    Any great couple workouts? I've constantly lifted with my FB buddies and tbh, i don't think she's looking for nor can keep up with the serious lifting i was doing in the past. I'd love to motivate her as she has me, so getting in the gym with her on some days would be great. She's been trying to get me to go to yoga, which i hope will help with some knee and back issues i have.

    Any other pieces of advice? The goal section of my bodyspace suggested i do arnolds blueprint. If condoned, i will just continue and follow through with that.

    Thanks for the help, and Ill be at the helm if theres any questions!
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    Hey Trevor!
    Welcome back to the forum, it's fabulous to hear that you have been able to get yourself back on track! It can be deceptively easy to fall into bad and detrimental habits (and of course typically harder to get out of them) so well done. I won't offer my advice on diets/programs however with the 'couple' exercising - my partner and I used to do 'mud runs' together (Tough Mudder) etc. Those events are phenomenal for 'team building' as well as overall fitness, so I definitely recommend training for some of those events and doing them with your girlfriend Such a rewarding experience to get through the obstacles together!

    Good luck
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