Whats up everyone.
Sorry if i am posting this in a wrong section or have anything been asked before but love to get helped with my questions here.
I have couple of questions for you twins and I believe this email will be a bit long so hope you don’t mind. Well to start I would give a brief description about me so you can guide me correctly.
I am male, 5'8" 27 years old, body fat last I checked was about 15% and I did weigh in at 168.4 lbs.
I started working out around in July of this year/14. When I started I believe I was around 20% body fat as I’m telling you roughly because when I started working out I didn’t note down my weight or bf%. Before July I have worked out but that was about 2 years back. I was on p90X routine wasn’t really on any diet plan. But now my routine of workout is Monday to Friday working out a body per day.
When I started working out in July I use to run on treadmill for about 5 to 6 minutes and it has gone up to 10 minutes. As before I use to run first then work out but now from last week I have changed the routine to working out first and then run. From July to September I didn’t keep track of the calories but I was eating pretty clean. Since October I have been in caloric deficit to get my body fat down and eating as clean as possible.
My workouts are effective and I am seeing results not big gains but there are some. What my question to you is I was thinking to start IF (Intermittent Fasting) as I have most my fat stored around my belly, love handles and lower back. So the question right now I am on caloric deficit but not on IF right now so should I start IF from next month in caloric deficit for month or two to desired BF% and then bulk up or I can bulk up now as well with IF?
If you can clarify if "IF" is effective while bulking? And also how long should you stay on IF for bulking and cutting? Also how long should you Bulk and cut for as well.
Sorry I might be asking some very questions that have been answered but I have been doing a lot of research but found your YouTube channel the most effective in answering most of my questions.
Also just to add I was going to start bulking from November but would you suggest that I get my BF% to about 8% to 10% and then start bulking? Or I can finish my cutting for this month as I did start this month and from November just look to bulk?
Also I go to the gym around 5pm. SO would you be able to explain how would I go about doing IF routine if you. Right now my eating habit is breakfast around noon time I know its late but I do wake up late these days as I am home lol no work. Then about 3 or 4 pm I’ll have a banana or an apple before I was eating piece of chicken breast and some steamed veggies but because of caloric deficit I’ll just have an banana or apple now then right after gym I’ll have protein shake which is "optimum nutrition pro complex gainer" since the start of my gym routine and then after hour and half or 2 hours I’ll have my dinner that would be around 9 or 9:30ish I hit the bed around 1am ish I will be fixing that routine as well. I also try to drink a lot of water throughout the whole day.

Would like to know if it is a good habit to be checking the body fat% and weight every week to adjust the caloric deficit or surplus?
Also on the days that I don’t workout I don’t take protein shake is that okay as I believe I don’t burn much calories the days I’m not working out I don’t really need protein shake to balance my caloric deficit would you approve of that?
I am on a 500 caloric deficit which is 2283 from the minting calories 2783. So I believe that the days I don’t work out I my deficit needs to be lower that is why I don t take protein shake the days I don’t workout. Would like to know if i should be taking it the protein shake on the days off. After the days off everything feels like it has inflated.

My calculation of calories as of start of October is:
Bmr which was 1795.32*1.55=2783.
Hope this is correct.
I hope I didn’t bore you guys with this long email and I really appreciate someone reading this and helping me out.