Hey all..

I just finished SANS V12. Now that it is done. Should I abstain from another bottle, or move onto something new? I mean, it says to cycle the stuff..so, should I stop that and start something else...or just take a 2 week break from any creatine product?

Really good.
I maintained my weight and put on like 3 pounds even though I have a stomach illness which I LOST weight when using CEX from VPX.

My strength went up slightly. Not as much as when I was using Swole/cold fusion combo...but my endurance/energy was higher..


Swole V2 + Cold Fusion (greater strength, good pumps )
Sans V12 Turbo (greater endurance, good pumps, leaner )
Kreataine Ultra + Cold Fusion (good strength, decent pumps )
Satur8 ( decent strength )
VPX CEX (nothing really)
Creatine monohydrate (nothing really)