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Thread: Pavel programs

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    Pavel programs

    Found this on a board quite a long time ago. Hopefully some people find it useful.

    >>When you lift you will find that you will be able to handle a lot more
    >>weight if you flex, or tense your muscles as hard as you can when you are
    >>lifting. the way to do this is squeeze the bar as hard as you can (try to
    >>crush it), flex your abs, and push your hips forward and flex your ass as
    >>hard as you can. This is to be done on pretty well all lifts except
    >>squats and deads (don't squeeze bar but flex everything else)! Pavel calls
    >>this Hyper-Irridation, I added 40 pounds to my bench immedietly when i
    >>tried this.
    >>The second technique is called Succsesive induction. It means basically
    >>that when you lower a weight, pretend you are pulling it down slow with
    >>the antagonistic muscles. Example: On barbell curls, when you lower the
    >>bar, fell like you are flexing your triceps hard and lowering the bar
    >>under the power of your triceps...With the bench press it would be your
    >>lats, and so on.
    >>If you are training purely for strength, the idea is to lift as heavy
    >>and frequent as posible without tearing down the muscle. An example,
    >>let's say you want to up your squat. Do 1 set of 5 reps everyday. This
    >>way you will be able to lift heave relative to your 1rm, add weight in
    >>small incriments, and lift almost everyday cause you muscles are not being
    >>broken down.
    >>The other way pavel recomends is pretty well the same. Lift about 5
    >>days a week straight (I wouldn't use over 3 main exercises though) Keep
    >>your reps under 10, so either 2 sets of 5, 3x3, whatever, as long as your
    >>reps are under 10 for each individual exercise your in the clear, if not
    >>then cumulitive fatigue will set in and muscle growth will be stimulated,
    >>which is good, but not if you want pure strength training you can do
    >>everyday. Note, drop weight to 80% of your first set on the 2nd set if
    >>doing 2x5.
    >>I would do it like this: deadlifts, military press, and an oly-lift.
    >>Train around 5-6 days a week with one or 2 work sets of 5 reps, and you
    >>can increase weight poundages in waves...Below I will list pave's
    >>periodization cycles.
    >>Start with 75-80% of youyr 5RM. Add 5 pounds per workout to each lift.
    >>Keep going untill you find the weight getting very dificult, then at the
    >>end of a cycle which should be no less than 8 workouts , but just keep
    >>going untill you can only hit about a double in your sets, then you will
    >>have a new PR. Drop the weight and start with a new 80% of 5Rm...These
    >>numbers are only guidlines, if you feel something a little different works
    >>better, by all means do it.
    >>Here is an example with the squat: My 5RM is 350, Sop i would go----WO#1:
    >>280x5, WO#2: 285x5, WO#3: 290x5, WO#4: 295x5, WO#5: 300x5, WO#6: 305x5,
    >>WO#7: 310x5, WO#8: 315x5, Add more weight untill It get's too tough, but
    >>my new pr would be something like 365x5, then drop to 80% and start again.
    >>Same idea as the linear but after you add weight drop it next workout by
    >>about 50% like this...300x5, 310X5, 305x5, 320x5, 315x5, 325x5 That's the
    >>basic idea.
    >>Let's say your 5Rm is 300 pounds, up it to 325 and you might get a
    >>double..Keep it there till you get 5, the increasse again and so on.
    >>Pretty much the same philosophy as the 5x5 we use in our training.
    >>NEVER, NEVER, NEVER train to muscular failure! Keep going to get the last
    >>rep you know you could have got, if your squatting and you got rep 6 but
    >>you know your landing flat on your ass if you try 7, stop at 6, 5 may be
    >>even better. The exception is the 20-rep squat, then it's balls to the
    >>Pavel has 3 of them...The bear, Delorme method and pins to pillars.
    >>THE BEAR:
    >>Basically this is heavy weight, low reps, and a ton of sets, up to 20 if
    >>need be.
    >>The theory is that you need tension (weight), and volume (reps per
    >>workout) together to gain muscle. Now if you crank out a zillion reps
    >>with your sisters 5 pounders, you have the volume but not the
    >>tension...And if you go super heavy but only do a few sets and rest 5 min
    >>in between sets, you have the tension but not the volume, and if you go to
    >>failure on your sets you will only be able to do a few of them, hence, not
    >>enough volume...BUT, if you use a heavy weight relative to your 1rm
    >>(around 85-90%), Use low reps (around 5, but couild be between 3-8), and
    >>high sets (15-20), and rest for a min or 2 between sets, you will have
    >>tesion AND volume. You should train 3 days a week, using only 2 main
    >>exercises I.E Squats and benches with the following protocal using the
    >>cycles i listed earlier, or just keep it simple and forget cycles and keep
    >>upping the weight in small incriments. That's the basics of the bear.
    >>Same idea, a volume aproach for size. Again, only 2 exersizes, Either
    >>squats and benches, or deads and military presses...but throw in oly's,
    >>grip, neck, ab work if you like...use the guidlines to make your own
    >>program...Here is the outline of delorme with an example of squats and
    >>6 WEEK CYCLE:
    >>squat then bench:
    >>50% of 10RM x 5 reps
    >>75% of 10RM x 5 reps
    >>Do series as many times as possible (without going to failure but untill
    >>you can't do it in good form)
    >>50% OF 10rm X 5 reps
    >>Do the same number of series as monday
    >>Keep upping the weight every week!
    >>This can be used on any exercise you wish, but was inspired for squats or
    >>deads. here is the cycle.
    >>1 10x5 @ 50% 1RM
    >>2 10x5 @ 50% 1RM + 5lbs
    >>3 10x5 @ 50% 1Rm +10lbs
    >>4 10x5 @ 50% 1RM + 15lbs
    >>8 Same all the way down (keep adding 5 pounds to your50% of 1 RM
    >>untill you can't,
    >>9 then switch to a different protocal or continue with pins to pillars
    >>but drop weight and
    >>10 cycle back up)
    >>This is the same as the other 2 programs...3 days a week training (mon,
    >>wed, fri) with 2 main exercises...a big lower body(squats or deads), and a
    >>big upper body(press or bench).
    >>Those are Pavel's mass gain theories, like i said before, they work very
    >>well for me and should for you guy's too!
    >>Pavel isn't into long boring aerobic training, and quite frankly, me
    >>neither. He teaches hard anerobic conditioning, the stuff that leaves you
    >>lying in a pool of your own puke. Here is his high rep, balistic training
    >>Train 1 lift at each session, 2-4 days a week...Either the 1 arm dumbell
    >>snatch, the 2 dumbell clean and jerk, or a 2 handed dumbell swing. Start
    >>off light and work the weight up each week slowly.
    >>Perform between 20 and 100 reps for as many sets as you can handle. VERY
    >>IMPORTANT: These are ballistic moves like olympic lifts, not grind
    >>lifts...Do them ballistic like o-lifts.
    >>Well lads, that's about it. Definitly not all his stuff but about the
    >>best he has to offer. Take care, Peace.
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    flexing my glutes and abs dosn't seem to help me when I lift I'm not sure if I havn't gotten it down or what : o (

    here's something more constructive
    I helped a guy gain 1/4" on his biceps with 1 workout, and it was definatly volume training
    eat that you buncha HIT nazi's
    (also helped Jesin gain 6/10 " and Q gained 1/10th", also DoctorX2k2 gained 1/4")

    -unrelated bicep comment-
    and btw, I can Hammer Curl the 120's dangit!

    March: 275+
    April: 265
    May: 260
    June/July/August: 255
    Late Sept: 245 (all +/- 2 lbs)
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    Originally posted by Kane Fan
    flexing my glutes and abs dosn't seem to help me when I lift I'm not sure if I havn't gotten it down or what : o (
    Make sure you are breathing into your diagphram, through your nose. This does a lot to boost I.A.P. Drive the air down low.

    It's a weird esoteric skill, takes a while to learn(i'm still learning)

    But will feel very natural when you get the hang of it.
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