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    Cellucor Super hd and clk review with before and after photo's

    I recently finished a cellucor clk and super hd stack so I think I should review this as I have had great results, mentally and physically .

    Alittle about me first.

    2 years ago I was 15.5 stone ( 98kg )
    I got up off my Sofa and joined a gym, I was depressed with my body, I hated the way I looked and I hated having moobs.
    I didn't really do very much tobe honest, although I was going most the time I wasn't losing fast, diet ect was all out of wack.

    I decided to try supplements and went with Cellucor D4 and T7 extreme, I enjoyed these and thought I would try other Cellucor products.

    So I started the stack Clk and Super hd in October 2013, done 2 months, cycled for 1 month and then done 1 month through abit of December through January and abit of February 2014.
    I also added in Cellucor whey for 2 month, awesome stuff !

    I like to do exercise to music class's as there fun and its like a big happy family so its win win for me, there was a time when I thought the weights room was boring but not no more.
    I take
    Body combat
    Body attack
    Leg bums and tums, Zumba
    Bodypump ( only weights I done until mid Feb 2014 )

    So lets start this off.

    As a stack these 2 supplements go hand in hand, 1 is a stim and the other is none stim, both were taken in pill form at max dosages after a week.

    The Super hd is an amazing product !
    The 1st week for me was abit flaky due to not being a stim monster and I don't drink coffee ect.
    I found that my heartbeat was sky rocketing so while doing exercise I had to bring my tempo right down or I was pushing very high bpm, not good for my heart I believe so I kept it simple. After the 1st week my heartbeat started to drop so I could now go flat out with no nasty spikes in bpm, this in turned ramped my exercise up as I had more energy and feelings of greatness pushed me further and further towards my goal of losing weight.
    On super hd everyday was a happy day.

    After around 1 month these effects started to wear off as my body became used to the ingredients but the effect of feeling happy and energy was still there, I know this tobe true as once I came off the stack my mood dropped alittle, well it dropped back to normal as there was no mood enhancers in me.

    I went from enjoying myself in these exercise to music class's to full on feelings of feeling ontop of the world with rushes ect running up my spine, sometimes in class I was so happy I could of cryed.
    The feeling I got from super hd felt more akin to feelings you would have at a Rave except I was feeling euphoric to exercise instead, one awesome trip.

    There's not much to say apart from Super hd worked wonders for me.

    Cellucor Clk

    None stim.
    I can't really say anything about this as I felt no effects off it.
    Pills sure do taste tasty and I enjoyed taking them more than any other pill I've ever had.

    Results are added as attachments, pictures on the left are from October 2013 , just as I started the stack, pictures on right was taken last week.
    I went many months with hardly anything happening, soon as I tried some very good supps I got drastic changes in the way I looked, so these supps worked 110% for me but I did use a slightly controlled diet with cheats but I didn't fail miserably in the diet thank good.

    One last thing, everytime I retook the stack I dropped a lot of fat

    I have many other supps im using at the moment , I would review them if people would like me too ?

    I've now cut down on class's and i'm doing Jims Shortcut to shred, I've modified it but kept the cardio acceleration and weights plan 100% and plan to for the rest of the cut which is another 3 weeks, its been a awesome 3 weeks so far

    Thankyou for reading my review
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