Where I live, duck is cheaper than chicken, so I had to find a way to cook it without ending up with a rubbery, bland piece of meat. This works great! So, if you can find cheap duck legs and are sick of chicken, pork, and beef, I highly recommend it.

Liberally salt and pepper the legs on both sides 24hrs before cooking.

Use a very sharp knife to cut a crisscross pattern in the skin. Don't cut the meat!

In a hot pan, place the legs skin side down. Fat will render immediately. Change the heat to medium low and cook each side for about ten minutes until they are a deep golden brown all over and the meat has started to pull away from the bone.

Let them rest for ten minutes.

You can try to remove the bone or just gnaw on it caveman style. Soooo tasty and crispy and good. Plus, you'll have leftover duck fat for other purposes.

100g of duck w/ skin has 28g of fat and 19g of protein according to MFP.