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    Thumbs up BELDT Force Thermogenic Review

    I went into my cutting stack unsure of the results to come since I had never heard of BELDT, but upon finishing the bottle I am quite pleased with the results. I had some fat and weight that I had to do away with and knocked off 3% BF and had an amazing pump in the gym. If you're in wrestling, MMA, or whatever you know the importance of making weight. Overall I gave BELDT Force Thermogenic 9/10 and here's why:

    Energy and Focus:

    I had no need to take any pre-workout stims with BELDT since it delivered a pretty big dose of energy to hit the training pretty hard. Took about 20 minutes for it to start kicking in, and I got that itching feeling that you get when your body starts to get warmed up and going. I was running around the place with that "top dog" feeling, but in a clean way without any jitters. I think that my favorite part about it was not having to feel like crap after crashing for a change. Basically I felt great, focused on the training, and had no adverse side effects.


    The energy delivered through BELDT increased my lifting potential and allowed me to go past the normal point of moderate fatigue. I was rocking out pyramids of pull-ups and dips, but I never really do low rep workouts so I can't say it increases any max weight potential. It's a fat burner anyways so I didn't expect that out of it.


    I found the product for pretty freaking cheap on amazon. I provided the link below. I thought it was a pretty good deal and I'm always on a budget so I went ahead and tried it out. The results were solid and I couldn't ask for anything more really.

    The only thing I didn't like about BELDT is the capsuling because I had this bad after taste if I burped after taking the supp. Had the same problem with alpha mass since they are liquid caps, but that's just me being picky lol
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    Stack with beldt

    What products can I stack with beldt to build muscle
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    So would it be okay to stack Cellucor super HD with this product if they aren't taken around the same time? I know on the bottle of BELDT it says that no other stimulant products should be taken with this. Thanks!!!!
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