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    I dont know how to ask this?...(pics included)

    I have a couple of questions some more complicated than others and some I don't know if they can be answered at all(they probably can I am a noob

    I have a very specific look in mind, I dont want to be bulky and square, but I also dont want be too skinny. I want have a long, elongated torso, or at least create the illusion I do. Anyway I have posted a couple of pictures of what I do want(3), 1 of me and some of what I don't want in that order(2). 6 pics total.


    1. Guessing from looking at my body, what areas do I need to workout for(or avoid working out) to create this look? Should I just start cutting?

    2. What BF% would you guess these guys are at?

    3. (this one is a little complicated) given I am roughly 5'5", What weight and what ratio should I be? My guess is 140? Would there be a way of figuring this out, perhaps BMI?

    4. (this one is a bit easier I hope) Is it possible to get stronger without getting more bulk?
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    Well to begin with: looking at your photo you need to work everything.
    Select a program from the Sitckys in this forum section; "All pros beginner routine" maybe Starting Strength, a 5x5 or JasonDB's beginner routine. The routine needs to incorporate the "big moves" other than that take the one that you feel works for you. you should probably throw in 2 sets of an ab excercise, say weighted decline crunches. I'd say dont cut yet, Bulk.

    Second: Building a body is not just about working out hard or everyday. 3x a week is good to begin with(which the programs i suggested follows). You also need: good amount of sleep, I'd say no less than 9hours. And a good amount of food; amount of calories and Fat/protein/carb ratio. To figure this out go to the nutrition section and read the Stickys made by Emma-Leigh(i think those are the ones).

    Once you get this down and pick a program and have started do the following:
    Take a picture of your front, and one of you back (legs included) every other week or so to keep track of your progress. After, say a year maybe. You will clearly see what route to take, if you need a slight focus switch, whatever tweeks to the program will be needed to continue towards your goals., if you're not sure at that point make a new post with some pcitures again.

    Someone with better knowledge might pop in later and give you better advice than me so, keep checking in here to see what the gurus say.

    Im not sure about this at all, its a guees, not fact but the weight and BF i THINK you MIGHT be aiming for would be 170-175 at 8-9%bf BUT use your Mirror to gauge where you are and where you want to go.
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