First off my stats are 5'4, 138.6 lbs, and AROUND 18-20% I started last week at 139.8
I started prep last monday, me and my coach got together and came up with a meal plan for me. The weird thing is we're not counting macros, just eating super clean. I'm positive I'm in a pretty big deficit though. I'm doing 40-60 min of cardio 4x a week, legs mon, wed, fri everything else in between. I'm cycling shoulders and back every other week though because I'm really wide.

Last wed I weighed in at 138.0 and it stayed like that until friday, I'm not sure how this is possible because I've been sticking to my diet pretty much perfectly (i had a square of chocolate yesterday)

I messaged my coach and she asked if I look leaner, and I honestly think I do, but why would I go up in weight? (I am taking something by the way, but I don't think I'd be gaining from it in less then a week)

I'm meeting with her some time this week to test my bf% but she didn't give me a day

what should i do?

my diet looks like this: (I know you guys hate this, but like I said I'm not counting macros)
breakfast: 5 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1/2 c oats
snack: 6 oz chicken, 2 rice cakes ~or~ 2 hard boiled eggs (switch every other day)
lunch: 6 oz chicken, small (less then 7 oz) sweet potato, 1 c broccoli ~or~ 6 oz chicken, small white potato, 10 asparagus
snack: apple, 15 almonds ~or~ 2 rice cakes, 2 tbsp almond butter
dinner: tilapia, tenderloin (2x a week), turkey burger (1x a week), salmon (1x a week) or chicken with a potato, or 1 c rice and broccoli or asparagus

what do you think i should do about my weight going up? or should I just let it rock and see what happens?
my biggest fear is looking like **** on stage. I want to come in and make an impression because I'm young.