Hey guys I just got this from CN. I'm not 18 yet (17), no experience with test boosters, but I do have 17 year old friends who are on this and seem to be doing alright. They say the test-boosting properties in this are ''all natural''. I just wanted some opinions on what something like this would do to me. Will it give me rage? Will it mess up my mood? And any reviews anyone has on this would be great. I have some experience with Stims. I took the first version, or the banned version of Blittz. I DID NOT do well on that. It was because of the "DM3"or whatever though. This product does not have that. Anyways, just please tell me your opinions on a 17 year old taking this. You can take 2 scoops, but I am definitely going to start out with one. Thanks