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    Thermovex Review

    Hi! My name is Kelly and i am 24. I recently discovered Thermovex at my local Nutrishop. It claims to aid in fat loss, energy, definition, performance, mood, focus, appetite suppression, and reduces water retention. I went online to look at reviews of this product but couldn't really find any!

    You are supposed to take one scoop before breakfast and one before lunch, or before a workout. They recommend that beginners take one scoop a day to start off with. Within 20 minutes of taking it, I noticed I had a lot of extra energy. I felt energized and hyper but not in a bad jittery way. I did not notice any appetite suppression but that might change in the following days.

    I have created a blog to keep up with my progress with this product. If you want, you can check it out. kellsfitness.blogspot.com
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    I just started taking it on Friday of last week. I do not notice any "extra" energy or appetite suppression at all, but I did sweat a lot more during Insanity, which I have completed 2 weeks of. Now that you have been taking it for about a month, what have your results been?
    I will check out your blog too. Thanks for the review. (:
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