Welcome to RSC Unlimited, the Runescape Classic Private Server


To play the game:
1. Register on Forums
2. Go to "My Characters" to create an in-game character
3. Download the client or go on the Webclient
4. Login and play

Exp rate: 60x


* Base Source: DarkQuest by Peeter + large amount of bug fixes, improvements, enhancements, security updates
* Double Click JAR Client / Webclient
* 21 Fully working Quests (including 3 members quests) [These quests are down to perfection of replication of original RSC]
* Perfected Tutorial Island scripting (Starting location for new players) + ability to skip
* 4 Different Client Sizes (Small, Medium, Big, Huge)
* Drop rates + Items calculated to minimize inflation (extremely similar to original RSC's with some minor adjustments)
* Fully working Runecrafting skill + essence mine
* Fully working Agility skill
* Fully working Dwarf Multi Cannon
* Minigames! (Last Man Standing, CTF, Hide n Seek, Tournaments, Global War, Holiday Drops, Quiz, World Drop, Nazi Zombies)
* Absolutely ALL dupe methods have been fixed
* Party / Clan system (GUI/GFX enabled)
* Advanced bot detection scripting
* IRC [irc.rizon.net - #rscu]
* Arcade
* Many more aspects to the website / server (I will construct a full list later)

InGame Screenies:

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