I used to come to BB.com all the time. It was easy to connect with other users, find visual inspiration and discover new articles and videos to keep you coming back on a regular basis.

Starting with the redesign of BodySpace and then what I would refer to as the content marketing section of the site, it seems that in an attempt to mirror experiences like Facebook and requiring the user to have a distinct objective in coming to the site, the site is no longer a destination that provides excellent engagement - either with other users or new content.

With Bodyspace, the main page has become so static. I don't care to see a long stream of caliper or scale icons. There's nothing intriguing in those icons or the fact that someone lost 2 pounds that's going to make me click anywhere. Beyond that, to anchor and expose only the same popular videos, the same popular blogs or the same popular profiles makes it so difficult to find anything new. I realize that there are new videos and new photo links, but post those because they're more dynamic and provide me with photos and icons so I know what I'm clicking into. I'd be fascinated what the analytics of the page because I just can't believe that the CTR or engagement here hasn't dwindled significantly.

As far as the content marketing or articles/videos, there are many of the similar problems. The sliders at the top of the page rarely change. Most of the time, they're promoting some contest or movie workout that doesn't have a lot of depth. Beyond that, the features rarely change and the new massive video players promoting the page you're already on is such a waste of space. I also have a hard time finding videos. Sometimes I want to watch something while on the elliptical. I can search for it and have a bad experience for video with a search results page, but that's pretty poor. This tells me that either BB.com wants to limit video viewing on their site, or the IA is so poor, a dumb guy like me can't find what I'm looking for.

Overall, the site has become less visual for an interest and way of life that is extremely visual...not to mention the impact that images and video have on the user's engagement and experience.

Overall, I'm led to believe that BB.com is producing less content and has pulled back on its contributors or providers. Thus, why I'm here less or spend less time with each visit.

There are a couple of things I will say BB.com has done well recently.

I think the 'We 'Mirin' feature is great and represents what makes this site a popular destination. The same can be said with the FitBoard feature. Having said that, both of those features certainly a more visual and are constantly evolving and dynamic.

Something which has gone from the site as a whole.

Thanks for allowing me a place to vent about my frustration in losing a web experience I used to really enjoy for a site that used to lead the way in engagement.