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    New to competing - looking for a team/coach, please help!


    I'm planning on doing a competition this year in bikini. I am already pretty knowledgeable on weight training/nutrition but I want to take it further and really know my stuff and know what I'm doing/what I need to do to prepare for when I walk on stage.

    I have looked into Team Bombshell and Cathy Savage Fitness but I'm wondering is that all that's out there for teams? Or what other coaches are there that really stand out to you and you've heard good things about? I'm so lost, so any help would be very appreciated. Thank you!
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    Go to! The owners are these two amazing women who are obviously twins but they are based out of Kansas but take clients from all over(I'm in CA). They have different levels of training and they are ALWAYS there if you need them or have a problem! Highly reccommend!
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