I have just ordered both of these and need to send 1 back, but which one? Has anyone used either of these? I'm new to weight lifting, been lifting around 14 weeks now. My diet has been on and off for a while but not I am taking it more seriously and am eating correctly. I'm looking to gain weight because I am struggling to bulk. I go to the gym 6-7 days a week. Im going to cut down to give myself a rest day! A typical week would be Monday: Chest, Tuesday: Shoulders/Triceps, Wednesday: Back/Biceps, Thursday: Legs/Abs, Friday: Chest, Saturday: Shoulders/Triceps, Sunday: Back/Biceps and Monday again: Legs/Abs. I aim for each workout to be 45 minutes long and I am going to start putting a rest day in-between Legs and Chest.

Here are some figures of the shakes...


Matrix has taken this aboard and produced Lean Mass XT, a huge 6.8kg off the hardest hitting, anabolic fuelled mass building ingredients known to man.

Key Daily Amounts*:
K cals/K: 2,000k cals
Protein: 100g
Carbs: 192.4g
Fibre: 6g
*Daily amounts based on two servings a day

Unlike most other mass gainers which boast a meager 15 to 20 servings Lean Mass XT provides an astonishing 48 power packed, muscle inducing shakes, enough for even the hardest off gainers!

PHD Pharma Gain

40g of Protein per serving
40g of carbs
22 servings per tub

More info can be found on their site.

Any help would be appreciated!