So im 17 6'5 220lbs. I want to be a big guy like muscle wise. I dont want to be like grossly big like Kris Genthin or w.e his name is but I wanna look good like big pecs, bigger arms like 20 inches not 15 1/2. Awesome abs.And be able to dunk... In basketball.. and be fast at football and stuff. The typical goals... Im on week 2 of the program and im doing good with the nutrition and workouts. I feel great etc. But if i follow this program super strictly etc, will i get in really good shape? Life if i do this for 12 weeks than do his cutting program can i pretty much look like Steve Cook? Or am i wasting my time with what i want and this program? I want like an amazing body and my goal is to bench like 300 lbs etc. I wanna be strong and look amazing.