Not sure where else to ask this.
I noticed on a completed log you get a 'total weight lifted' and I think this is cool because I can use it as an estimate of intensity and compare workout to workout against my fatigue level to see if I'm doing too much or too little.

Now my concern is when I track a one arm or dumbbell lift, like one-arm dumbbell row does the tracker automatically take into account that I'm doing this one each arm, or does it record it as if I only did rows with one arm with X weight and Y reps, so I'd have to double the weight or reps to get an accurate reading?

How about dumbbell press? Is that automatically doubled to the full weight, like if I put in 40lb.s for dumbbells it knows it's 80lb.s total, or should I record it based on the combined total of both dumbbells for the most accuracy?

I know that if I consistently record it the same way it won't matter but if I want to do barbell one day and dumbbell the next I want to know how to keep that consistent.