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    New Guy-Thanks for the motivation.

    Hey guys, I've been lurking this website every now and again to get motivation to start working out. Every time I come to this place I feel so much more motivated to do something with my body and get out of the slum I've been in.

    I didn't want to make a poor me post or anything like that, but just wanted to introduce my self and thank everyone for all the positiveness on this forum, it really helps. Anywho, I'm 20 years old, from a small town in Wisconsin. I joined the army (reserves) when I was 17, I weighed 230lbs when I joined, 6'2" and I was 25% BF if I recall correctly. After my BCT I weighed under 190 and felt amazing, I had a flat stomach and didn't have a double chin anymore. I was getting compliments all the time and all that. This lasted for a couple years, now I've been on Inactive Ready Reserve for awhile now because I didn't want to re enlist because I was tired of the Army.

    But now I'm paying the price, in the last 2 years I gained all my weight back plus some, currently at 265lbs. I got married, work full time as a welder overnights and I'm just sick of making excuses for not getting on the treadmill. I wake up after work and I sit on the couch for 2 hours then leave for work, I don't eat excessively at work on break, I cut out soda for a month but recently I've been back on it but I want to change that. I plan on running atleast every other day and I want to get a copy of P90x to do on the in between days. I've tried a diet supplement powder crap but it didn't work, but I guess I wasn't too strict on it, but I'm a believer in just hard work loses weight, I guess I'm just having trouble doing it with out someone there to yell at me every day. Anyways I wanted to post this as motivation to remind myself I posted this publicly and now I gotta work out to not look like a fool.

    Some other motivation things I have done, I created a background on my computer of me when I was 190lbs and looking good, and everyday when I opened my computer I would look at it. But now my wife changed the background..Also I am rebuilding a motorcycle that I wanted done for next summer and I keep telling my self I need to lose weight if I want to ride it, and every day when I get dress I remind my self, you use to wear size large perfectly and now xxl is looking tight. I've had enough of my habits and want to change for my future family, my dad had his first heart attack when he was 30, both my parents have diabetes, my mom has lost over 100lbs in the last year or so actually, but all of my other relatives are obese and I don't want that for my future.

    I wanted to get a membership to a gym but my town doesn't even have one, and the nearest snap fitness is 35 minutes away and I wouldn't have time or money to drive there every day anyways. Right now I have the treadmill in my basement, and the open road to run on. I'm hoping in a couple months to buy a used universal gym or something like it off craigslist.

    But I suppose I'll wrap it up, thanks for the motivation.
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