I 'll start with a short introduction. Ace57, I have 218 lbs of weight and 29.1% body fat. I have a 43 inch chest, 38.5 inch waist and 37/38 inch around the naval. I have played as a football/soccer player for an academy and for different clubs. I am 17 and 5 ft 11 inches.
Recently I gained two kg's due to my exams but I am still working out as much as I can.
I am looking for a advance 4 day body split program to kick start my fat loss again. Any help is appreciated. What should be the four day splits, how much of cardio and when.
Mind you, I have had my 'newbie gains' two years back. Since then I have lost 66 pounds though now I gained 19 pounds of both muscle and fat.
I am not completely clueless but if you can help make a program including weights and cardio, diet and what supplements should I consume(I take a Iso-Pure and Roxy lean), it'd be great.
Help me out here.