Here goes nothing, I'm a 27 yr old female, 5'5", 137lbs, no stranger to the gym. Former competitive gymnast, former competitive Allstars cheerleader and Former NFL cheerleader. Currently Cheerleading coach part-time age groups 8-18 and still are able to occassionally step in and lift an 18 yr old if a cheerleader is missing and I have a full time job in Insurance. My issues are I've got back injuries from early years of gymnastics and cheerleading. I spoke to a company specializing in the Bikini div and seem to have scared them away when it comes to discussions about being a competitor in the bikini division due to my back injuries.

Now it was mentioned by this company that they were not sure if I would be a good fit and not be able to handle the HIIT training. With that said I don't know what I don't know. Where should I begin in my training, obtaining a workout plan to determine can I hang with the big dawgs! I'm no stranger to hard with sweat, determination, and dedication.

Should I try the workout regimen on my own and revisit the option of joining competition teams? I'm looking for advice from those that have competed in the bikini division, or trainers that have dealt with a client with injuries from the past, or advice to run the opposite direction. HAHA not an option.