Been training for 2 years on and off. Trying to train for strength until i hit 315b 405s and 455+d. Right now im at a 225x2 bench, 315x5 squat, 365 deadlift(missed 385 cause of grip)

I do an upper/lower split 4 days a week

Monday is power day for legs and I switch the workout every week
Workout legs A:
squat:3x5 or 3x3
stiff legged deadlift: 3x8
leg extensions: 3x8
Maybe hip adductions, hip abductions, and calf work
Workout leg B:
conventional deadlift: 3x5 or 3x3
front-squat or leg press: 3x8
Hack squats: 3x8
Maybe some calf work

Tueday is upperbody power day
Workout A:
flat barbell bp: 3x5 or 3x3 or work up to 2-3 rep max
dumbbell rows: 3x8
chinups: 3x8
Will either do some bicep work or some shoulder work
Workout B:
dumbbell bench press: 3x5 or work up to a 3-5 rep max
barbell rows: 3x8
wide grip pullups: 3x8 or to failure
will either do bicep or shoulder work depending on how i feel(maybe face pulls)

For thursday I hit legs again but I go lighter and focus on negatives with higher reps on the primary movement(assistance work still stays in the same rep range), focus on form, and speed. Maybe do some rest+pause work

And for firday I do
weighted dips(might even do floor presses if there is no dip station): 3x8
interchange cgbp, incline, and decline(barbell or dumbbell depends on how im feeling): 3x8
Usually do wide gripped pull ups: 3x8
From there, I'll usually do shoulders, biceps, or work chest to feel a better pump