I have a copy of it and I just did the self test he wants you to do. I determined that I need to work on both strength and my reactive ability at the same time. My question is not the work outs or exercises but the order he has them each day. On work out A one week he has you doing all your explosive work first followed by heavy deadlifts and squats. Then on work out B he has you doing it in the reverse order. This is what it looks like.

Work out A
Rim and high jumps 3x10
Rhythmic Lunge Jumps 3x10 per leg
Depth Jump 3x5(18inch box)
Jump Squat 3x12(10%rm)
Romanian Deadlift 3x6(70%)
Full Squat 3x6(70%)

Work out B is that same work out in reverse order starting with Full squat. Only thing differnt is the full squat and deadlift goes up to 75%rm. He doesn't specify anything as far as the order of when to do the exercises. So what do you think?