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    Torn Teres Major?

    Just wanted to post here to get some advice.

    A while back during a deadlift, my left shoulder seemed to just give out. I felt a sharp pop and a lot of pain immediately after. My left arm felt numb, and the Teres Major muscle (as far as I can tell, its at the top of my lat and runs over into my arm pit) started to swell up. I had thought I dislocated my shoulder. I was sore in a "strip" from the top of my lat, into my armpit, and down into my tricep. It was very painful to pull anything with that arm, like pulling on a door or rolling down a car window. It even hurt to bend over and let that arm hang.
    I went to a sports doctor the next day that specializes in shoulder injuries. He did some x-rays and looked at everything and said all the bones and cartilidge was fine. He said all the damage appeared to be soft tissue damage. He did some mobility tests, and then sent me on my way. He said to not work upper body for 2-3 wks, then start back light.
    A few days later, I had some dark green and purple bruising on that "strip" where it was sore. It went away after several days.

    Now, 6 weeks later, I still have a knot or a lump in that area. If I put both of my hands on the back of my head, I can see a distinctive hump on that side. It still feels very thick and round, kind of like a tennis ball, where my uninjured side feels more flat.
    Anyhow, I did as the doc said and started back light. My bench and pressing exercises seem to have been unaffected for the most part. Rowing exercises are getting easier, and I am slowly working back up to my old weights without pain. However, the biggest issue for me right now is chinups. They are painful, and cannot put equal tension on my left side, so I tend to swing to the right as I pull, obviously compensating with my right. But the pain feels less in the injured area and more in my rotator cuff. Possibly taking the strain in a different area?

    So here are my questions:
    1. Does this sound like a torn muscle, or just a strain? The doctor acted like this was not a big deal and said it would heal on its own. But he never examined the area with my shirt off or saw that lump. Do torn muscled heal on their own correctly, or do they require surgery?
    2. I know if chinups hurt, I should just not do them. But should I avoid all movements of that type for a while? Or should I mimic them with light weight? I found that I can do 1 arm pulldown and they do not hurt, and also keeps me from compensating with the other side. If I do a chinup, it will hurt for a few minutes afterward, and then go away. Doing the 1 arm pulldowns kind of let me feel a "soreness" but do not have a lasting pain afterwards.

    Sorry, I know this was long, but will appreciate any help anyone can give me.
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    RE: Torn Teres Major

    Good day

    I had like almost this exact same thing happen to me. On my way down from a muscle up (I figure i came down to hard) and there was like a pop in my right shoulder. From the initial sound I thought it was a shoulder joint thing, but after I rested and iced it it was a clear muscle pain. I did not have any swelling or discoloration so yours was probably more severe. I have the same types of pain, anything pulling, and chin ups are still extremely painful the instant I start any pulling upwards from hanging. Its been like 2 and a half weeks now and it is slowly getting better. I do extremely low weight Lat Pulldowns, and everything low weight for back, but pretty much everything else is unaffected (some tri exercises are a little painful but I can work around those).

    Do you have any suggestions for exercises? how long did it take you to recover? Where are you at now (1 year later)?

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    Updates on Teres Major injury?

    I know it's 2+ years later, but did either or both of you fully recover from you TM injury? I'm dealing the same issues, can do pretty much every pressing movement, along with rows, but no pull-ups/pull downs.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!
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