So I got this question about gym social interactions in the hetero world and was hoping you guys could help out. A little background on myself, I have been working out for 2 years now and starting my third. I got into lifting weights while living in Gay ground zero (Castro, SF) where I went to the local gay-as-all-hell gym (zero women there, literally zero.) At that gym the social ettiquette I learned was "Guy looking at you = he wants to bang" kind of like how primitive guys deal with women, but I have recently decided to not be so gay (as I can pretty much pass for straight in actual reality) and moved to Montana and signed up for a gym over here.

Now, here is my question. Im a regular at the gym, I go 6 times a week, and there is another guy who is a regular as well. I see him looking at me. A lot. In fact, every day that we have been at the gym at the same time, I will see him look at me once or twice (he doesnt stare, as soon as I see him looking he looks away) and I really have to wonder why he keeps doing that. So, I figured I would ask you guys. what are your reasons for looking at another guy at the gym? Is it an admiration thing (I dont really think Im at that level yet), is it a "I want to beat the **** out of that guy" thing, or more of a "that guy looks chill, maybe friends?" thing?

Any advice appreciated and thanks ahead of time.