I've been laying off squats for weeks since I wanted my knees to recover so I stopped the 5x5 program and I've been concentrating on upper body circuits w/ some plyometrics (sp) thrown in.

Long story short...I rushed my bench presses (bad form) and and now the area under my clavicle/front deltoid was pretty painful for a couple of days until I iced it and took ibuprofen for a few days. After 6 days of rest (felt way better), I went surfing and all of paddling and holding on to my board aggravated it (because I suck at surfing). Now it feels sore again (but not as painful).

Should I be stretching the RC? Or should I just keep resting and icing? It's probably torn. I've been doing wall pushups and RC stretches,... slight discomfort follows. Should that help it recover faster? I don't want to take Ibuprofen anymore because its not healthy to do it for long periods of time.