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    Calories to eat for fat loss while lifting only

    Well I'm basically pretty confused as to why I am not losing because I thought my maintenance would be much higher because of my size. I am accurately weighing everything that I am eating it and logging it. I have been eating 14,000 calories per week which comes out to an average of 2000 a day. Some days ill eat more than 2000, some less depending if I am lifting but the at the end of the week it is 14,000. Been doing this for about 4 weeks and the weight is not budging nor am I seeing any changes in the mirror or on the measuring tape. Could it be that my maintenance is much lower even at someone my height? I am 6' 3.5" and 218-220lbs currently with a BF of around 24%. I am looking to lose 2lbs a week and my current activity is lifting 4 times a week with no cardio and out of the gym mostly sedentary. I was thinking of eating 1800 a day or maybe even less, 1600-1800 and I posted this in the nutrition section last week and was told that would be way to little at my height and I'd lose muscle, but the amount I'm eating now I am getting no where. I am 100% sure I am counting everything correctly, I weigh everything to the gram. I don't really see myself losing muscle if I keep the protein up and lift heavy, so basically, any guys who are around my height and size, how many cals do you eat and lose weight while only lifting and not doing much else outside the gym?
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