I'm gunna give it a noob review.

Been using it about a month and a half.


It's sort of bitter, i can't skull it put it that way. I have to sip it slowly. New flavors would be nice. Why is grape so popular with supps?



Literally 3 shakes in a shaker and its mixed in.

I swear to god, this is like a hit of meth or something. So focused. So much intensity, and endless energy. Infact, i'd say this product is SO good, it's bad. I can see alot of people becoming reliant on this, and judging by the ingredients that would be unwise.
Pretty much makes jack3d feel like a glass of coke in comparison.
As for the WEIGHT loss side of things? No more than any other thermo out there i reckon. They claim you will lose more weight cos it accesses more pathways or something.. yeah okay. Lol. maybe cos im endo, but yeah. I see it as more an energy boost rather than a fat burner.

Not exactly 100% sure if its this product causing it, but i've narrowed it down to either that or my L-carnitine, i'm getting liquid poop from it. I stopped all sups and it stopped, reintroduced everything, the last two was my carnitine and the albuterex, and yeah. started again.

It really depends what you're after with a pre, but for fat burning, nothing special, for energy, probably the best you will find.
Again, irritablebowel/10.