Someone linked me to the Skinny Gossip site because on some parts of the internet J's were R'd over the post about how Kate Upton being fat.

Note: would be posting links but forum won't let me because I'm too new :/

That bit didn't interest me so much but when I checked out their forums, in particular their workout forums, I was impressed by some of the thought going into the issue of building massive quads.

In particular the thread: Bulky Thighs from running?! gives us the following masterpieces of .... um, what is the feminine of broscience (surely not something as insensitive as hoscience)?

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UGH! Losing weight is quite annoying. I run and run and run to burn off the calories...but now i feel like my thighs are getting bulky. I'm on the treadmill for about an hour, 50 minutes running at speed 7.5 (the other 10mins are random walking rests). I seriously feel like its bulking me up though, especially the back of my thigh. I dont know what to doooo i just want to burn calories and running does it the fastest. I feel like all the top models dont run run run, I just dont see me getting "cigarette legs" from running. Is the muscle thing all in my head?
My agent said i should power walk on the treadmill, like at a 5.0 pace. I dunno...slower calorie burn...
what do you guys think/any experience?
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I agree with your agent. Eating 1200 cals and vigorously burning off 400 will give totally different results from eating 900 cals and leisurely burning 100. That much running could certainly add bulk to an otherwise very thin frame.

By the sounds of your goals, you'll find better luck with restricted eating than lots of exercise good luck!
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Well my intake is 800cals/day and my gym burn is normally 1000calories. So im usually in the negative net calories, or only +100 or so. Do you still think i should power walk instead?
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Yes, my agent said "powerwalk, DON'T run" aswell. He said start going on a minimum of 1 hour walk in the morning.
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Grr I suppose I should be listening to the one who knows best...the agent. I just automatically assume the harder the breath and the more the sweat, the better. Hence the running over walking.
- listen to your agent
- walk don't run, unless you are bulking I guess
- eating below maintenance is softcore as ****, coz chicks out there are eating at literal calories burned in cardio more than calories eaten
- Kate Upton is fat