Long time lurker. Please don't kill me.

So I've been working out for 3 months and I quess I have made some decent gains. My weight went from 143lbs to ~190lbs in like half a year and got obiviously some fat along. That's okay, I'm kinda used to being the "tank" compared to others. The problems are losing defition from muscles and cheek. Oh and I'm worrying about getting loose skin - did I ever mention that I've never seen my abs really =|?

Seriously. I'm 5 feet 10 and sometimes I feel like a midget when I go around ppl. Thats ok, I'm fine with this height, but I really wanna be the most optimal me in every area and squeeze out everything I can from my ducked up genetics. I'm just so confused about stunting growth by cutting. I mean, there are so many taller dangerously skinny guys with 1/3 width of the shoulders i have.

I mean that i CAN handle this, but it would really boost up things. Really boost up my life.

Me apologies my england.