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    Post Anavar, winstrol, t3 and clen advice.

    My story so far..

    Studied at Cambridge. Played pro Rugby, position prop. Weight was 88 kilos.

    The incident:
    18 months ago I suffered a lower back injury during a rugby game. It destroyed me. I was bed ridden for 3 months and was advised against lifting any iron or doing any sort of exercise for another 5 months. I lost strength, muscle and gained a lot of fat.. Well it looked like fat anyway. End result, I weighed 108 kgs.

    8 months after the injury, the doctors cleared me.
    First few months I did a lot of conditioning to strengthen my muscle tissue, all done naturally.
    Took my first AAS after. Smashed some test and Dbol for 8 weeks. Did a bulking cycle, made some solid gains and kept most of them.
    After good PCT and getting a clear from the doctors again. I started my second cycle test and deca for another 8 weeks. Made solid gains again.

    Weight now 99 kgs.

    Diet is spot on -(Low GI) carbs moderate, low fats and high protein. Quit drinking, quit smoking and drink only water, green tea and skimmed milk. About 2000 cals a day.

    Workout 5 days a week. I lift heavy, targeting all muscle groups. Cardio everyday, but I mix it up. Versa climbers, step machine, rowing machine, cross trainer and sprinting.

    Saturdays is all the BIG lifts. Clean and Jerks, Dead Lifts, Squats, Bent Over Rows and Pull Ups.

    Supplements I'm on at the moment: ECA, EFAs, Animal Pak (multi vit) and protein.

    I want to be around 88 kgs or possibly even leaner by mid July. That gives me 2 months give or take. I've been doing some research and am thinking of taking some anavar, winstrol and t3 and clen.

    I'm thinkin 30mg Anavar everyday, 30mg Winstrol everyday, taper up t3 to 100 and taper off and taper up clen to 80-100mg and do 2 weeks on and off.

    What's your opinion on this fellas? Is there a way to improve it?
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