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    Progress - Working out twice a day


    So Im 6 foot 2, 230 pounds and a diabetic, aged 33.

    I've been working out pretty regularly for about a year, pretty committed. Simple type of routine 5 days a week - 20 mins of cardio, then about 40 mins of a muscle group (max weight 3 sets of 10).

    Ive seen some mixed progress. My arms and chest have gotten quite a bit bigger, my butt has slimmed, my gut has trimmed a little bit (but not a lot), and I have probably gained about 5 pounds.

    I keep hovering on what my goal is. I want to look good and be healthy, thats my goal. My arms get bigger, thats awesome and people have noticed it. But then it changes the whole way I look in clothes, and sometimes I feel Im just looking fatter. Plus the guts not going as fast as I'd like so Ive been trying to step up the cardio. Im stuck in this weird zone where half my shirts dont fit me cause my arms are to big and the others accentuate my gut so Im buying extra larges and looking worse then when I started (ok, thats a joke kind of... but you know it can be frustrating).

    Oh yeah, and I eat too much crap.

    So, I've made some changes over the last couple weeks. Ive been trying to "extend" my lunch break a bit. I get to the gym which is nearby, do about 30 mins of harder cardio (10 mins rower, 10 mins jog or stepper, 10 mins on a rope climber) then i crank out some abs or just head back to work. At night around 8 when my wife puts the baby to sleep I go back to the gym, 20 mins of cardio, do a muscle group for 40 mins and shower. I can feel working out like this working, plus it gets me to do something positive during lunch instead of eat like a pig.

    I get my rests when work gets stressful or when something comes up (about once a week) and occasionally take the weekend off, but generally only if Im working on carpentry which is sort of a workout anyways.

    I hear this might be "over training". Is that possible if Im overweight? I like trying to workout at lunch cause it is way better then eating out with ppl at work plus its a great time saver, but I cant get enough in during that 45 mins for it to be "enough" so I go back at night.

    So Do I have it all wrong? Is there something Im completely missing?Thanks for your comments.
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    Go ahead and keep going with the training. Just get your nutrition together and you will see better results
    "Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up"
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