The 2012 NPC Tahoe Show this year will be huge with Ben Pakulski guest posing just 4 weeks out from his Mr. Olympia debut. MTV’s “I used to be Fat” trainer Joey Gloor will be hosting plus other special celebrity appearances. The venue is an unmatched showroom that has held acts such as Hootie and the Blow Fish, Daniel Tosh, Santana, Snoop Dog and hundreds more. Everything takes place at Montblueu Casino including a Fitness Expo, registration, a posing clinic with Ben Pakulski, Free for competitors after party at the night club and free buffet for competitors. Tanning and make up are also available onsite and thanks to our massive back stage and green rooms complete with several restrooms, all of these services will be there for you back stage.

The event will be broadcast live on the internet with American Idol style voting for your favorite competitors via text message. You can also book photo shoot on the beach at Lake Tahoe on the 26th. The show is August 25, 2012. For all of the details visit