so i have been doing 5/3/1 for a while now and basically it is just a rep scheme over three weeks( 4 if you need deload which imo people with my strength level dont) where you do 5 sets and the first 4 works basically at preparing you for the last big set where you go to failure and hit PRs. i know it's more than that but not really necessary to write

i have been kinda applying this to my assistance exercises too like bent over row and leg press.

so a practical example would be on the bent over row i would work up to 80 kg like this:
60 for 8 - 65 for 8- 70 for 8 - 75 for 8 - 80 for as many as i can

on the main exercise of the day i use less reps for the warm ups so to perform better on the failure set, but i do include some sets after to make up for it.

do you think this rep scheme is good or bad?

maybe i should do this : 70 for 8- 75 for 8 - 80 to failure- 75 to failure - 70 to failure?

my goal is powerbuilder, not specifically one or the other.