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Thread: getting noticed

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    getting noticed

    hi there guys,i got into weight training about 8 months ago it was your usual story i was a tall skinny guy and was sick to the teeth of people telling me look at you theres more fat on a ball point pen and all the usual jibes and so forth, i started working out got somewhat of a diet plan goin that worked for me and i have got some gains(i didnt notice too much myself) i was out with a few friends the other night some which i hadnt seen in a thing i was being told man u have beefed up something big from i last seen you which felt great hearing this was the best words in the world from what i was used to hearing!!but there was a select few that startted taking the piss saying check out muscles from brussels everytime i got up of the stool or went to the bathroom, this went on all night in the end i got sick of it and went home.i started asking myself are these people jealous of how iv changed not even knowing how much work was involved and i started getting it in my head is people laughing at me!!but i was wondering has anyone else encountred anything like this??

    **iv put this in the wrong section as im a man sorry new to these forums maybe i can be moved??**
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