Okay, my friend gave me a bit of help with this.

He's an archer aswell as a sprinter, here's the workout. It seems to be working well, I'm eating about 3200 calories.

Pretty basic one, sixty minutes running on a treadmill
Decline Oblique Crunches-3 sets of 20
Decline Crunches-3 sets of 20
Lseat-5 sets of 20 seconds
Plank-5 sets of 20 seconds
Hanging Leg Raise-4 sets of 30 seconds

Monday morning
Boxing training-
Suicides-10 minutes
Shadow Boxing-6 sets of 3 minutes
Knuckle Pressups-3 sets of 15
Burpees-3 sets of 15
Heavy Bag-8 sets of 3 minutes
Speed Bag-1 set of 3 minutes
Floor to Ceiling Bag-2 sets of 3 minutes
Weighted Shadow Boxing-3 sets of 3 minutes
Skipping-15 minutes

Monday Afternoon
Barbell Squat-3 sets,15,6,6
Lying Leg Curl-3 sets,15,6,6
Weighted Chest Dips-3 sets,15,6,6
Elevated Press up-3 sets,15,6,6
Weighted Chin up-1 set,15
Weighted Pullup-2 sets,6
Close Grip Lat pulldown-1 set,15
Wide Grip Lat pulldown-2 sets,6
Barbell Shrugs-2 sets,6
Dumbbell Shrugs-2 sets,6

Tuesday Morning-Boxing


Close grip Bench Press-3 sets,15,6,6
Diamond Press up-3 sets,15,6,6
Dumbbell Military Press-1 set,15
Barbell Military Press-2 sets,6,6
Lateral Dumbbell Raise-2 sets,6,6
Rear Delt Raise-2 sets,6,6
Barbell Calf Raise-3 sets,15,6,6
Smith Machine Reverse Calf Raise-2 sets,6,6
Standing Barbell Curl-3 sets,15,6,6


Thursday morning-Boxing

Incline Bench Press-3 sets,15,8,8
Cable Crossover-3 sets,15,8,8
Hip Pushup-3 sets,15,8,8
Deadlift-3 sets,15,8,8
Bent Over Barbell Row-15,8,8
Dumbbell Walking Lunge-15,8,8
Barbell Walking Lunge-15,8,8
Barbell Shrugs-15,8,8

Friday Morning-Boxing

Close grip Bench Press-3 sets,15,8,8
Barbell Tricep Extension-3 sets,15,8,8
Clean and Press-3 sets,15,8,8
Barbell Calf Raise-3 sets,15,8,8
Seated Calf Raise-3 sets,15,8,8
Front Delt Raise-3 sets,15,8,8
Rear Delt Raise-3 sets,15,8,8
Preacher Curls-3 sets,15,8,8


So, that's my routine. I'm thinking of changing it to
Tuesday-Boxing/Bench Press
Thursday-Boxing/Clean and Press
At a rep range of 5x5, then fill in the gaps from there.