Yesterday the leg press machinefeel on my left knee (had 40 kg on it 90lbs since I was working calves). The edge of plate hit my knee pretty striaght in the middle. I bleed a decent ammount and as of now (less than 24 hours later) I have 100% range of motion.

It my left knee still hurts when I move it but when stationary it is fine unless I think about it. Swelling is really minimal to 0 currently.

My fiance wants to me go get a x-ray to make sure I didn't break it or nothing is more seriuosly hurt. She goes to the hosptial every time she get a minor cold.........I advoid the hospital like the plague. She cares a lot but I don't want her to worry, also dislike hospitals.

Mainly I made this thread to ask. How can I figure out...or get a good idea of .... if something is broken without going to the hospital ?

Full range of motion, (with a little pain)
No pain when not moving it (unless I think about it).
Can walk pretty normal , go up 7 flights of stairs to get to my apartment (little pain put weight on it)
Swelling is very very little....pretty much zero.
Walked home from gym unadided (10-15 minutes)
General strong bones, weak ligaments though