I got really lazy and went from about 200lbs to about 220 and then even lazier when I get sick and hurt (mono + torn meniscus) and went to about 250. My diet had been slipping but the last month my training did to. So I essentially had a whole 5 to 6 weeks off from the gym completely.

Disgusted with myself obviously I just got back on track. Protein is where it should be and calories were cut to under 2k per day, and I got back to the gym.

Has anyone ever experienced a weight gain rebound when they first start at the gym?

I mean I have the carbs cut way under where I was and I started back at the gym.... yet the last 3 days my weight has climbed. I'm not concerned because I know there is no way I'm gaining fat at 2k calories and 240 grams of protein... but it seems odd to be retaining fluids when I've cut carbs, even if I am drinking more fluids.

Anyone with more knowledge than me on this situation ever experienced it? I'm more curious than anything.