So on 12/8 I posted vids of me trying to pull 385x1 DL. The board gave me great feedback on technique and what I needed to work on.
I had just started DL in October and failed to even get it off the floor 6 inches. about 5 weeks ago I pulled 435x1 and decided to start 5/3/1.

Tonight was my 3rd week of my first cycle. I had to pull 375 for my 1+ lift and since I'd not DL'd since 3/6 I was skeptical if I would even pull it 2x's. (I'd gotten married 2 weeks ago so my workouts have been hit or miss this month. Went in tonight at banged 375x5. I was stoked.

Thank you to everyone who helped me out 3 months ago! I'm hoping for close to 500 lb by September then mid 500's by next year. I plan on pulling for a 1 rep max after I do atleast 2 cycles of the 5/3/1.

Thanks again!