I know there are some pretty good marathon POF threads here. Reps if you post serious, helpful answers here.

I want to make a POF profile and want to know what kind of pictures work best. I have pictures flying a plane, racing a Ferrari 458, shooting guns at the range, etc. As it happens, I do a lot of adrenaline- and testosterone-driven activities. I know chicks can be turned off by blatant displays. What pictures have worked best for you? Would posting cars and planes be a positive or turnoff? I do have pictures hanging out with friends (male and female) and those will be up of course.

Also as far a profiles, what are the latest funny copy pastas? I love reading those for lulz.


Before anyone says something like OP is 33, the last girl I went out with was a 20 year old model material. Please go, troll.