I have been on a weight loss journey for the past year and have plateau'd out at 255lbs at 5'4". I started at 300lbs after gaining a lot of weight from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) from being bed ridden for 3 months. My PCOS has been under control for the past year and my hormones are now being regulated with birth control. So far, I have lost about 45lbs in a year (along with toning up).

For exercise, I walk about 1-1.5 miles on a typical day since I walk to the subway and switch classes on campus. On top of that, I do about 2-3x a week of a yoga workout by Jillian Michaels (Yoga Meltdown) that keeps me toned and helps me build some muscle.

For diet, I eat complex carbs (whole wheats, oats, grains) and cut it with lean proteins (to bring down insulin level). I focus on eating lean meats, grilled chicken, fish, vegies, salads, fruits, 1% milk, eggs, yogurt, legumes and plenty of water. I also drink a cup of hot green tea everyday. I would say I intake about 1,500-2,000 cals a day and eat 4-5 smalls meals a day to keep my metabolism steady. I avoid junk food, cookies, white breads, take out, soda, and all around bad foods. Sometimes I allow myself to cheat by having a few Dove chocolates (I get bad cravings for chocolate around my period >.<)

I have a mesomorph body and gain muscle very easily. It's VERY frustrating for me because my calves and arms have toned up but I really have not seen much of a fat difference except from my face (my cheekbones are starting to show more). My trouble area is my stomach and I wish I could target it the most but I understand that fat loss is just going to target my body overall. I'm not looking to "bulk up", I really just want to keep my muscles lean and continue to lose the fat.

I'm feeling very overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. I'm very lost.. Should I increase my exercise time or limit my complex carbs so I gain carbs from the vegies, meats, calcium I eat? Will that help me curb 500 cals? Should I walk more and do some reps of running?

No matter what, I really want to lose about 60 lbs in the next year and get down to a healthier weight. My long-term goal is 150 but I'd be happy at 200lbs for now. I really want to continue to get this weight off and lead a healthier lifestyle. I'm already feeling good, being 45lbs lighter but I wanna kick this PCOS's ass and show it that it cannot take over my life.

Any insight, help, and tips are welcome! Please be nice! Thank you guys