I am actually day 1 post op from a torn labrum/cuff in my left shoulder. 3 anchors in the labrum and 1 in the cuff. I have read where some people are starting pt day 2. I was told a week before pt, is it just dependent on the type of surgery.

My main question here is I have pain in my right shoulder mainly when doing front raises. I have not lifted any weights for like 4 weeks due to the torn labrum in the other shoulder. The pain in my right started the day after the physical exam for my left. It has slowly gotten a little better but its been about 3 weeks. It was so bad in the beginning i couldnt even reach up to turn the volume up or down on my stereo, but now it just kinda hurts when doing front raise I have read it could be bicep tendinitis, shoulder impingement syndrome, cuff/labrum tear. Haven't had an MRI on the right yet but has anyone experienced pain in just front raises and were u diagnosed??

Thank u to anyone in advance!