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    Question Scitec nutrition HOS (Hormone optimization system)

    hello All,

    i was just wondering if anyone has any experiance with this supplement yet? it has
    3 products in the one stack ANABOL-X,ESTRO DIM TS, D-TEST.

    it states "Taking these 3 product simultaneously makes it possible to have maximum results both in phases of training for lean muscle mass and strength, and also when dieting to shed the most bodyfat! The naturally possible fastest rate of actual muscle building, or a „hard looking” physique will be the result. "

    i was thinking about getting this product but i would like some reviews on it first as i can
    not find any reviews online at least not any in english.

    thanks guys
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    The reasons why you cant find any reviews is the product only came out on the UK market less than 4 weeks ago dude. The product is selling extremely well and I have a few friends on it, so I am sure a few reviews will pop up soon once people have had a month or so using the product.
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    im on it now, will report back in a few weeks if you like with results.
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    hey how was the estro dim i wanna try it i wanna hear from u n see what result u got
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    So do you take all three supplements at the same time with this ?
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    Thumbs up

    I'm taking hos and it's better than anything I've taken, it promotes protein synthesize so works wonders with me, but every1 is different and react different to products, but if you take any capsules then you must and I repeat must empty the content into a glass, yes tastes like **** but, at least the gelatin based shells don't stick to your liver, plus it gets into you system faster, so all round benefit, I train first thing in the morning so I mix my hos with a pre workout drink hot blood, promotes oxygenation in your blood so your muscles get the best pump, post workout, whey and casein protein, fast and slow acting protein, before bed, whey and casein protein mix in with hos, because your body repairs it's self while you sleep
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