i've researched some of these new products coming out...any information on profiles? I think their new product AminoLast means they were the last to come out with an Amino Acid supplement i.e. BCAA...maybe I'm wrong. Wonder what the ingredients are in this product. Also, I see that Size On Pre-Contest looks as if it is fading out. Wonder if they will update this profile and add whey isolate or just go with Size On Max.

One interesting product I've noticed is Universal Nutrition's new forumation pre-workout supplement that utilizes Acetyl L-Carnitine Arginate. They don't release their entire profile but since they are the last man standing when it comes to a newer pre with an exception name backing it - maybe it can replace my SPMAX...will see...I think the energy part of this newer pre-workout is Rage's formulation. So energy is there. When it comes to SPMAX it seems as if it's basically caffeine and oxytropis...oxytropis is low stim and helps with focus but I don't get much from it.

Universal New Product is called Shock Therapy. Never tried the older formulation but have to say given the new research and given the fact that Torrent, Atomic 7 and Rage are top notch products I would think Shock Therapy could easily replace SPMAX for me. It's supposed to contain anabolic nutrients so hopefully we see some recovery nutrition like BCAA's. Also, looking at the ingredients that have been shown it looks like a potent vasodilator.

Really interested in this product because SPMAX is giving me bad bowel movements. I get the runs real bad anything over 1 scoop and it's always post workout or i have to leave the gym early. It's the Oxytropis in it b/c all the other ingredients I've had before. Rage doesn't do this to me but doesn't have recovery nutrients really...so Shock Therapy will be a must have if it's formulated to my liking.