Im 44, former power lifter and wrestler. Over the years I let my body go and stopped working out. I ended up 223 at 5 foot 5. I had a heart attack and a quadruple bypass a few years ago. I have had 2 shoulder surgeries and screws are holding my bicep tendon in place. I have a great deal of pain in both shoulders and a surgery I am putting off on the other shoulder. I have lost 50 pounds. I need to lose another 20 according to my cardiologist.
I want to drop 25 pounds in three months to surprise my daughter for her college graduation. I always told her her old man used to be a stud and I want to show her what I used to be(and of course maintain).

Any ideas on food intake and proper supplements and game plan would really be appreciated. I'm looking pretty good but I want to look great.

Thanks- Former Awsomeness