Can someone read my Shoulder MRI images and expain to me my MRI Findings

I am trying to find the report my orthopedic did not explain this well. I have a Type II RT Shoulder Impingement and AC Joint Separation. He said we have to do physical theropy first but if it is to painful then we would do surgery. He explained my shoulder bone is curved and tearing apart the tendon. Let me tell you, I can feel the bone rubbing, can't sleep, and it is th emost pain I have ever been in. That doesn't make much sense to me. I dont have the xrays but here are some of the MRI Images as I look for the report.

Just found my report.
MRI RT Shoulder without Contrast

There are no areas of pathological signal intensity within the osseous elements to suggest the presence of a facture of neoplasm. No significant joint effusion or bursitis is seen. AC joint is unremarkable. Supraspinatus, infraspinatus and subscapularis tendons are in tact. Biceps labral complex is intact. Inferior glenohumeral ligament labral complex is intact.

Anterposterior labrum are intact. Anterior band may have high attachemnt. Subscapularis tendon is unremarkable on axial view.

Type II acromion is seen. Small area of fluid equivalent signal is noted along the posterior margin of the acromion overlying the subscapularis muscle belly. The bicepts tendon and pulley are intact. No glenoid sclerosis is seen.

This is a Type II lateral downsloping acromion without enthesophyte.